될 때까지 안드로이드 서비스 예제 [crayon-5db07cb1514b6167240804/] [crayon-5db07cb1514c0218496733/]     섹션 1 - 6. Foreground VS Background Service  Foreground Service  - Practical Example 음악을 듣거나 파일을 다운로드 할 때 Foreground…

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  Mitch Tabian 안드로이드 쓰레드 강의 chapter 3-2   [crayon-5db07cb15260a488385194/] [crayon-5db07cb152616536558178/]   Chapter 4. Implementing a HandlerThread       Chapter 6. Implementing a ThreadPool

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Git Understanding Git   [crayon-5db07cb1534bf959582496/] [crayon-5db07cb1534c6737832339/] [crayon-5db07cb1534ca515925050/]   GIT Parallel Development Branching 1. we use branches as pointers to commits. 2. we have a Main branch that is also called…

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